Welcome to my web site!  I am a freelance medical writer and editor with more than 25 years' experience in media ranging from trifold flyers and slide kits to drug study protocols, journal articles, and multi-volume book manuscripts.  My goal is to work closely with clients to provide personalized, professionally written and/or edited documents, ensuring conformance to American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, Council of Science Editors, or University of Chicago style, as appropriate.

The menu above contains links to additional information about my background and experience, as well as samples of my professional work.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I also write several blogs:  

  1. The View From Mallards Crossing,” an occasional blog that can be accessed from this site, contains musings on what goes on immediately beyond my back door, among the wildlife and amid the marshes of Tuckahoe Creek, Virginia.

  2. Literary Vintages is a site for lovers of wine and the written word.  There you’ll find thoughtful reviews of books I have recently read.  Most of these would be considered “literary” as opposed to simply popular (though the two are not necessarily exclusive), and although many are contemporary, some are classics.  Hopefully I’ll introduce you to something interesting.  While you’re there, stop by Defarge’s Wine-Cellar, a blog on wine and wine accessories that aims to be informative without putting on airs.

  3. Rare Aires is a celebration of the fine Airedales I have been privileged to know in my lifetime, along with helpful links to other Airedale-related sites.

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Kendall Wills Sterling, ELS


  1. -Biomedical and technical writing

  2. -Pharmaceutical writing

  3. -Abstracting

  4. -Substantive editing

  5. -Copyediting

  6. -ESL editing for non-native English speakers

  7. -Fact checking

  8. -Preparation and format of mss. for journal submission


  1. -Abstracts

  2. -Articles and monographs

  3. -Books

  4. -Clinical study reports

  5. -Continuing education materials

  6. -Manuals

  7. -Posters

  8. -Research protocols

  9. -Slide kits

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